Why you should never follow Akon on FB, Instagram, Twitter?

When Akon come to stage we only hear AKON AKON AKON !!! Everyone enjoys Akon’s show, his songs. But when it comes to his social media interaction with fans, he is very poor at that. He don’t want to get involved with his fans and don’t care about them. After my analysis and research on Akon’s facebook page, instagram account i observed the reason i should unfollow him.

  1. Money Minded Marketing King Akon – Being money minded isn’t much bad habit but at the cost of users feelings and emotion it is too worse. On Facebook page of Akon, you will always found his website link or some viral content companies articles who pay him to share links on his personal FB page. When it comes to interaction with fans, he even never do in a month. On Akon’s social media accounts, one can only see products or articles he is selling. Yes Akon, you might earn well by doing this but you should care you die hard fans too. I ¬†am not following any of his page now. Nothing informative, it’s all about shitty viral content which is useless for most of people.

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